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Short Term Training Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver Training WinNsoft

WinNsoft offers Short Term Summer Training in Dreamweaver. It offer 6 weeks Live Project Training to the students of BCA, B.Tech, MCA who wanted to pursue their career in Web Designing or Web Tools like Dreamweaver.

Why Short Term Summer Training Course

Dreamweaver website builder will allow you to create a nice-looking website, as long as you are strong in your coding knowledge. It offers important features such as rollover creation, page transition effects, the ability to add meta tags and many more. This website builder performs most of the same functions as the other website builders in this review. However, it does so on a much more technical platform. For those who don't have a coding background there will definitely be a learning curve that you will have to conquer before you can create your own website.

Even if you are a beginning coder, you should be able to use Dreamweaver without too many problems. It offers the ability to create entire sites, duplicate code in order to maintain styles, templates and other aspects of a webpage that should remain consistent.

However for your ease, the Three Months Industrial Training Course for Dreamweaver has been designed at WinNsoft. After the Short Term Industrial Training the students are provided with the Training Certificates by Winnsoft.

In the complete Short Term Industrial Training, we provide you with hands-on experience in Dreamweaver and other web design tools

Short Term Summer Training Course Details

  • Technology: Dreamweaver
  • Class Schedule: 1 Hour Theory on week days (Mon-Fri) and 2 Hrs Practical.

Register to know Course Modules Short Term Summer Training:

Short Term Summer Training in Dreamweaver is a modular 6 weeks course, regularized over 5 days a week, 3 hrs a day, and exclusively includes practical sessions. The course curriculum of Industrial Training in Dreamweaver comprises:

Topics Covered

Dreamweaver CS3 Jumpstart

  • Design and layout tools
  • Site management and File Transfer Protocol
  • Coding environment and text editor
  • Mobile design and development features
  • Dreamweaver’s workspace features
  • How websites work
  • The role of web browsers
  • An introduction to HTML
  • Explorations in code
  • Creating, opening, and saving documents
  • Setting Up a New Site
  • Understanding sites and pages
  • Creating a new site in Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Using advanced site-creation options
  • Adding pages
  • Saving a page to your site
  • Defining page properties
  • Changing your work views
  • Looking at the Files panel
  • Viewing local files
  • Selecting and editing file
  • Adding Text and Images
  • Using type and images on the Web
  • Adding text
  • Introducing styles
  • Previewing pages in a web browser
  • Creating hyperlinks
  • Inserting images
  • Linking images
  • Editing images
  • Optimizing images
  • Updating images
  • Styling Your Pages with CSS
  • Understanding Cascading Styles Sheets
  • Creating and modifying styles
  • Creating a class style with the Property Inspector
  • Creating styles with the CSS Styles panel
  • Using advanced CSS formatting
  • Putting Div tags and CSS IDs to use
  • Saving internal vs. external style sheets
  • Attaching external style sheets
  • Modifying attached style sheets
  • Creating a new .css file

Target Job/Profile :

  • Web Designer
  • Graphic Designer

Added Advantages for Short Term Training Course :

  • 3 Months Industrial Training Certificate By Winnsoft.