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Short Term Training Photoshop

Photoshop Training WinNsoft

Short Term Summer Training in Photoshop has been offered by WinNsoft. It offer 6 weeks Live Project Training to the students of BCA, B.Tech, MCA who wanted to pursue their career in Website Designing or Web Tools like Photoshop.

Why Short Term Summer Training Course

Photoshop is the leading digital image editing application for the Internet, print, and other new media disciplines. It is embraced by millions of graphic artists, print designers, visual communicators, and regular people like you. It's likely that nearly every picture you've seen (such as posters, book covers, magazine pictures, and brochures) has either been created or edited by Photoshop. The powerful tools used to enhance and edit these pictures are also capable for use in the digital world including the infinite possibilities of the Internet.

The newest version of Photoshop (CS6) includes features such as:

  • Layer Searching
  • Group Clipping Masks
  • More information displayed in the user interface.
  • More hotkeys
  • Crop tool changes And more.

It is almost impossible to use or even learn all of Photoshop's tools to their maximum benefit.

However for your ease, the Three Months Industrial Training Course for Photoshop has been designed at WinNsoft. The emphasis of our trainers is for those who are looking to create complex sites, but it is geared towards those who have coding knowledge. After the Three Months Industrial Training the students are provided with the Training Certificates By Winnsoft.

In the complete Three Months Industrial Training, we provide you with hands-on experience in Photoshop and other Web Design tools.

Short Term Summer Training Course Details:

  • Technology: Photoshop
  • Class Schedule: 1 Hour Theory on week days (Mon-Fri) and 2 Hrs Practical.

Course Modules For Short Term Summer Training:

Short Term Summer Training in Photoshop is a modular 6 weeks course, regularized over 5 days a week, 3 hrs a day, and exclusively includes practical sessions. The course curriculum of Industrial Training in Photoshop comprises:

Topics Covered

Module 1: Exploring Photoshop CS6

  • Experimenting with new Vector capabilities
  • Filling a vector shape with a pattern
  • Adding a mask to a Vector layer
  • Using the new brush tips
  • Saving a new Brush
  • Adding strokes to vector images
  • Cloning a vector image
  • Adding text layers from another document
  • Updating text styles
  • Cropping an image

Module 2: Getting to Know the Workspace

  • Opening an existing file in Mini Bridge
  • Discovering the Tools panel
  • Accessing tools and their options
  • Using panels
  • Hidden tools
  • Navigating the image area
  • Using the Zoom tool
  • Using the Hand tool
  • Working with tabbed windows
  • Maximizing productivity with screen modes

Module 3: Photoshop Basics

  • Opening an existing document
  • Understanding document settings
  • Viewing an image's size and resolution
  • Combining images by copying and/or dragging
  • Transforming and editing combined images
  • Removing a background
  • Understanding the stacking order of layers
  • Refining edges of copied images
  • Choosing a file format
  • Saving for print and web use

Target Job/Profile :

  • Web Designer
  • Graphic Designer

Added Advantages for Short Term Summer Training Course :

  • 3 Months Industrial Training Certificate By Winnsoft.