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Short Term Training Corel-Draw

Corel Draw Training WinNsoft

WinNsoft offers Short Term Summer Training in Corel Draw. It offer 6 weeks Live Project Summer Training to the students of BCA, B.Tech, MCA who wanted to pursue their Career in Website Designing or Web Tools like Corel Draw.

Why Short Term Summer Training Course

Corel Draw is a graphic designing software package available for the PC. Corel Draw enables users to create professional illustrations for newsletters, brochures, logos and web graphics. This software also includes photo editing tools.

A Short Term Summer Training Corel Draw has been designed at WinNsoft. The emphasis of our trainers is for those who are looking to create complex sites, but it is geared towards those who have coding knowledge. After the Short Term Summer Training the students are provided with theTraining Certificates By Winnsoft.

In the complete Three months industrial training, we provide you with hands-on experience in Corel Draw.

Details for Short Term Summer Training Course:

  • Technology: Corel Draw
  • Class Schedule: 1 Hour Theory on week days (Mon-Fri) and 2 Hrs Practical

Register for Course Modules Short Term Summer Training:

Short Term Summer Training in Corel Draw is a modular 6 weeks course, regularized over 5 days a week, 3 hrs a day, and exclusively includes practical sessions. The course curriculum of Industrial Training in Corel Draw comprises:

Introduction to Corel Draw Class

Topics Covered

Module 1: CorelDRAW Basics And Interface Getting Started

  • Exploring the CorelDraw Screen
  • File Management
  • Setting Up the Page
  • Moving Around and Viewing Drawings
    • Moving Around the Current Page
    • Viewing Modes
    • Inserting and Deleting Pages
    • Changing Page
  • Customizing Options
    • Using Multiple Workspaces
    • Customizing the Toolbars
    • Using Shortcuts
    • Saving Defaults
    • Setting File Backups

Module 2: Objects- Creation And Manipulation Drawing and Shaping Objects

  • Drawing and Shaping Tools
  • Using the Freehand Tool
  • Drawing Lines and Polylines
  • Drawing Freehand Polygons
  • Drawing Perfect Shapes
  • Reshaping Lines and Polylines
  • Drawing Curves
  • Reshaping Curves
  • Drawing Rectangles
  • Drawing Circles
  • Selecting & Manipulating Objects
    • Selecting and Deselecting Objects
    • Moving Objects
    • Copying and Deleting Objects
    • Deleting Objects
    • Sizing Objects
  • Transforming Objects
    • Mirroring Objects
    • Rotating and Skewing Objects
    • Using Transform Docker
  • Outlining & Filling Objects
    • Eyedropper and Paint bucket Tools
    • The Outline Tool
    • Choosing Outline Thickness
    • Choosing Outline Colors
    • Using Fill Tool
    • Uniform Fill, Fountain Fill, Pattern Fill
    • Interactive Mesh fill
    • Copying Attributes
    • Setting Outline and Fill Defaults
  • Arranging Objects
    • Arranging Objects
    • Grouping and Ungrouping Objects Syllabus & Curriculum
    • Using Guidelines
    • Aligning Objects
    • Group and Child Objects
    • Combining and Breaking Objects
    • Welding Objects
    • Using Intersection
    • Using Trim
  • Using Layers
    • About Layers
    • Editing Layers
    • Setting Up a Master Layer
    • Moving, Copying, and Locking Layers
    • Reordering Layers
    • Using the Object Manage

Target Job/Profile :

  • Web Designer
  • Graphic Designer

Added Advantages for 3 Months Industrial Training Course :

  • 3 Months Industrial Training Certificate By Winnsoft.