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Our Course

Short Term Industrial Training in SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

Winnsoft, is a leading SEO Summer Training Institute, Delhi, India offers Six (6) weeks Training in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In this 45 days Training you will learn complete on page and off page optimization. We’ll also follow and share latest search engines algorithms in this course. SEO is important for those people who have technical or non-technical skills.

Why Should Enroll for Short Term Industrial Training

SEO Training course is designed for people who have basic knowledge of computers & have the desire to learn a website programming language. In this course, details regarding the basic as well as advance level of web programming will be explained along with basic knowledge of the Internet and web servers.

Course Module for Short Term (6 Weeks) Industrial Training:

Short Term or SEO Summer Training – Part1

  • What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization )
  • Search Engine Basic
  • The internet
  • What is Internet Marketing
  • Basics of HTML
  • HTML Tags
  • Main Tags in HTML
  • Use of HTML tags in SEO
  • Website & Portals
  • Search Engine & Directories
  • Search Engine vs Directories
  • Page Rank
  • Website Structure
  • Website Design Basic
  • How Search Engine works
  • Types of Seo
  • Organic Search
  • Crawling
  • Algorithms
  • Website Types in SEO : Static, Dynamic
  • Website Structure : Level One/Two, Root, Deep Root

Short Term or SEO Summer Training – Part2

  • What is on page optimization & the need for it ?
  • Initial Site Analysis
  • Competition Analysis
  • Site Structure & Link Depth
  • Keywords Research
  • Keyword List Finalization
  • Density Analysis and Keyword Placement
  • Ranking Reports
  • Pre Optimization / Post Optimization
  • On Page Optimization
  • Introduction to Meta Tags:
    • Title Tag
    • Description Tag
    • Keywords Tag
    • Abstrac¬t Tag
    • Robots Tag
    • Page Topic
    • Refresh Tag/Revisit after
  • Url Optimization
  • Robots.txt
  • Sitemap
  • Types of Sitemap
  • HTML Sitemap
  • XML Sitemap
  • Site Map Optimization
  • Content Importance In SEO
  • Optimizing Content & URLs
  • Image Tags
  • Image Optimization
  • Alt Text
  • Title Attribute
  • Document Optimization
  • Anchor Text
  • Iframe checking
  • Mod Rewrite
  • Anchor Text Optimization
  • Heading Tag In SEO
  • Bold/Italics/Underline tag In SEO
  • Keyword Stuffing/Spamming